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Joe M.

“We LOVE this water softening system. No more rusty stains in the tub or toilets, no more brown, or slimy sediment in the cat’s water dish. I am confident that we made the right decision in purchasing this water softening system, and not just because of the improvements that were immediately noticeable, but also because in the long term, we know we are saving our appliances from further damage from scale and slime that were already building up due to our hard water. I also know that if we have any problems or concerns, the Kinetico folks are just a phone call away (real people–not answering machines!). We have already been contacted twice to see how things are going. This is what I call fantastic customer service.”

Joe M.Kinetico Water Softener Owner
Brenda L.

“Great service!  Hunter provided an initial estimate and came back a few days later to install.  He was punctual and described exactly what he was doing including what to expect with the filters over the years.  Installation exactly as expected.  Cost exactly as estimated.  Great job!”

Brenda L.Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis Water System Owner
Samantha K.

“I have been dealing with the Newport, NC office for eleven years.  From purchasing the salt, testing my water, servicing the equipment, and answering my questions.  Everyone there has been helpful and knowledgeable.  They have always been prompt, courteous and clean.  I am very pleased with the services and products I have received.  My equipment includes the water softener, the canister to remove sulfur smell from my well water, and a reverse osmosis drinking water system. ”

Samantha K.Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis System Owner
Adam S.

“We worked with Pat, as had many others in our neighborhood. He was great and never tried to oversell us. There was no pressure to buy, even though we had already decided before our first appointment with him. He presented all their different options, and has never tried to upsell us. Pat’s son was our installer, and he was equally friendly and professional as his father. We’ve had the system for 3 months and are very pleased with it. Our skin is no longer dry and scaly; our sinks, bathtubs, faucets, etc are easier to clean. It was definitely money well-spent! We just had a follow-up appointment with Pat to check the system, do a water test, and answer any questions. As always, he was very helpful.”Bob installed a reverse osmosis system for us.   He also installed a line from the filter to our refrigerator.  He did a great job. The water tastes great.  We had an issue due to our brand of fridge with the the water dispenser being a little slow. He came out and installed a booster for free for us as well.  Great provider.”

Adam S.Kinetico Reverse Osmosis System Owner
Kenneth A.

We have had a long standing problem with iron in our well water that resulted in reddish staining of the toilet bowls. We were having to use Iron Out at least 3-4 times a week to remove the stains. The company that had installed our previous system did not have an available fix for our problem. Also, the system they had installed looked like something my wife and I might have cobbled together. We called Kinetico and their sales rep met with us and thoroughly explained their system and gave us a 100% guarantee that their system would solve the iron problem. One week later the installer was here and he constructed a system that looks like it was designed by an architect-neat, orderly and in a word, beautiful. It looks like it was installed by a professional. Ten days later and there has been no iron staining whatsoever and the water is wonderfully soft. The regional manager for Kinetico came by today to make sure there were no problems and to also to test the water. NO IRON! We thoroughly recommend Kinetico!

Kenneth A.Kinetico Water Softener Owner
Kathy J.

“I am so grateful – as of today my water is clean and no longer stinks!  When we moved into our current house, it had been vacant for a while and we immediately noticed that the water smelled really bad and then the rust stains in the toilets and sinks became impossible to remove!  We started researching water systems and contacted a couple of local businesses including Advanced Water Systems-Kinetico.  Pat called on us for the initial consultation, checked the old system, tested our water and discovered the hot water heater was rusted out.  He sat down with me and reviewed all of his findings, made some suggestions and then put together a very thorough quote for us to review.  Once my husband reviewed everything, I asked Pat to call him and answer questions for him, which he did and our decision was made.  Pat quickly got our work scheduled and the tech, Mike, came today and completed all the work.  He didn’t even stop for lunch, so he could be sure to have the job completed so we would have clean, hot water by dinner time!  Mike was very professional, detailed oriented and cleaned up after himself.  Thanks Pat and Mike for helping us to have great water!”

Kathy J.
Mike F.

I had another brand of water softener for 19 years with multiple problems and inferior water quality.  My family and I were in need of a change, so I called Pam S. at Kinetico and she was out within 3 hrs. to test my water and discuss options.  I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and willingness to win a customer.  We had a quote and installation date before the visit was over.  We decided to purchase a new Kinetico water softener and reverse osmosis drinking water system and I couldn’t be happier.  After purging our lines and hot water heater of the previous water, we had great water!  The best water we’ve EVER had!!!  Many thanks to Pam for understanding our needs, not being pushy with sales pitches and allowing us time to make a good conscious decision.  No more hard and iron rusty water.

Mike F.Kinetico Whole House System Owner
Bonnie S.

Hello, I just want to thank the team in Hampstead for the excellent customer service.  Office staff and Mr. Antonio are great!  And about the system itself… love, love, love my Kinetico water system!  I live in a swamp literally, and this system creates drinkable water from the swamp water it starts with.  This is the 2nd home I have lived in, in the Coastal Carolina area, with Kinetico water systems.  And if I’d move again, I would purchase another!  Please feel free to use my testimonial for the system, the Hampstead office staff and the wonderful service provided by Mr. Antonio!  Thank you, Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.Kinetico Whole House System Owner
Amanda J.

We love our new Kinetico system!  About 2 years ago we opted for a Whirlpool instead because it was cheaper, but there’s a reason!  Not even 1 year into having it, we started having problems.  We let it limp along for the last 8 months and finally called Alex at our local Kinetico and told him we were ready!  We’ve had it for about a month now and we love it.  There is such a huge difference in our water and you can see it on your skin and hair, the dishes, and all the surfaces that water touches.  I wish we would have just gone with the Kinetico to begin with 2 years ago!

Amanda J.

I knew when I moved to Atlantic Beach, I would need a water softener due to the long time build up in the toilets and sinks.  I met with both a Culligan and Kinetico representative (Pam in Newport, NC office).  I elected to go with Kinetico mainly because of the outstanding warranty with the product.  I have had these systems in my house now for a little over a month and I saw a difference immediately.  Not only for me but for the drinking water for my dogs.  Before the reverse osmosis, I had to clean their white water bowl of the orange, iron stains and sediment that settled in the bottom.  Now, I don’t have orange, iron stains or any sediment settling at the bottom of their bowl.  I was pleased with the initial contact, the immediate call to set up an initial appointment, the explanation of their systems, the quickness of getting financed and installation of the products.  Everyone I have talked to and met with have been very helpful, knowledgeable and polite.  I highly recommend this company and their products.  I know I made the right decision for better water for me and my dogs.

Kristie E.Kinetico Whole House System