Elect Kinetico!!

Liberals, ConsElect ervatives and Independents may disagree on many issues. But one issue they unanimously agree on is that the Triangle’s water supply is compromised.

Earlier this year, Wake County published its data on private well water. Out of approximately 19,000 families, up to 6,000 wells are expected to contain radioactive contaminants above acceptable levels in their water, due to naturally-occurring rock formations that underlie their homes.

In addition, municipal water supplies in the Triangle area have been found to contain the same PFAS and PFOS chemical compounds that have been appearing in many water supplies in Wilmington and around the country.

For over 30 years, Kinetico Advanced Water Systems has been treating North Carolina water and its many issues for both commercial and residential applications.

Join our family and investigate why Kinetico is overwhelmingly chosen as the right solution for homeowners worldwide.  Kinetico offers efficiencies, reliability, and performance that are unmatched by any other company manufacturing water treatment equipment.

Take advantage of our FREE In-home basic water analysis, PLUS laboratory-cost testing for radiological contaminants that could be infiltrating your home’s water supply.

And it doesn’t stop with private wells.  Community wells, city water, and county water supplies may be suffering from contamination that you are unaware of, so protect your home and family today.  Now is the time, during this election season to ELECT Kinetico as your family’s solution to better water for the rest of your life.

All purchases through this campaign season will have 5{2c53df97c2905f9061334ad06901070791c2ebb7cff943fe91886081e7a8c71d} of the total invoice donated to the charity of your choice.

Take advantage of our FREE In-home basic water analysis